Our brand began like so many things in life: when you can’t get precisely what you want, you invent it for yourself.

Having worked in interior decoration for so many years, we were looking for bed linen and towel sets that were different and fresh with a new approach to a classic product. We wanted superb finished quality made in Europe, with white and off white bases and a broad palette of colour accents to play and create personalised designs, special sizes and monogramming.

With an appreciation of the long tradition of textile manufacture and in ordering and living with the best quality bed linen, towel wear and beautiful table settings, we sought out the best of Europe to reflect the mixed heritages of our experience – the Italian and Portuguese mastery of textile production, combined with our Spanish verve and energy set in the solid base of London, our home and headquarters.

Our quest for everyday necessities with a fresh twist on classic styles led to the creation of ILINKA Collection.


Ilinka Lukic is Spanish born and has spent most of her life in London. With extensive experience in design and working over 15 years as an interior designer on residential, corporate and historical buildings from Monaco to New Zealand; she is now diversifying into ILINKA Collection – a special project full of enthusiasm and love for creating a simple luxury lifestyle.