Thanksgiving 101


The Thanksgiving meal for an American is something we’ve grown up with from birth and each family is different. The same noodle kugel made by your grandma, and the gravy recipe from your father’s side that’s been passed down for generations. Mom makes the cranberry sauce from the can because she thinks it tastes better than the fresh. Whatever one’s traditions are they are engrained from youth and that is what makes Thanksgiving so special. Each person has their own. And the meal is so very personal and nostalgic.

For Europeans, this may be the equivalent to Christmas dinner, which is less of a thing in America – we prefer a pancake breakfast on Christmas morning in our PJs watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation…but that’s for another post;)

From one American to a European, we thought we’d gift you this Thanksgiving with the knowledge to possibly create your own special dish when you get the invite to one of your stateside¬†friend’s T-giving gatherings. For the foodie, no dietary requirement types go with Jean-Georges’¬†ABC Kitchen recipes – always delicious winners. For those Whole [gluten + sugar + grain – free] Foodies we suggest the Helmsley sister’s take on a ‘healthier’ version…

Whatever the dish you choose may be, the most important thing on Thanksgiving is being grateful for what and who you have – and wearing loose fitting pants (very key)!!